Edmonton man eaten by cannibals

You know an Edmonton man was eaten by cannibals. John Williams. He was born in Tottenham but was mainly resident in Edmonton. There is a real blue plaque for him in Tottenham.

He developed an alphabet in Raratongan and with that he translated the Gospel. He came back to London to get it all sorted out and he built a boat and went back to Erromanga where they ate him! A couple of years ago out in Erromanga, where it is a lot more Christian than Edmonton now is, some of his descendants went out there. He had about 10 kids I think. The local authorities there, I don’t know if they were being cheeky or whatever, but they formally apologised – the villager descendants – for killing and eating him. I think the reason why they ate him wasn’t because they just felt peckish but  because they thought he was a fantastic guy – like he’d built that ship and crossed shark infested seas then if they ate him they might take on some of his powers. When I was young there was a magazine called Titbits and it had cartoons and frequently the theme was the missionary in the cooking pot. I think he featured in one of those.

Passer-by, Fore St