He licks out the bowl…it’s the fun part

I just moved in from Leyton. I’ve been here three months. It’s very quiet, not like east where it is more bustling. I used to sew when I was young but I don’t know, since I had kids I didn’t find the time. I didn’t find places to learn how to do it. But then I didn’t try to look for it. I used to do…I don’t know how you call it in English…sweater sewing…aah knitting, yes I used to do that. I was a beginner but I didn’t continue. You can find lessons but I didn’t look for them.

Mostly I have pictures decorating my home, family pictures. And when I had my kids I made them a book of all the pictures from day one.  I take pictures from the internet and put them into nice frames. Scenery mostly and food pictures – mostly baking. I bake, just recently, since last year..pastries from watching cookery programmes.. It is relieving to bake. My Mum used to like baking and when we grew up in Jamaica me and my sister used to do the cooking. I have two boys. My son loves to bake especially the part when you mix all the stuff together. And placing the cake in cases, he loves that. Oh yes, and he licks out the bowl. He won’t listen to me when I tell him there are raw eggs inside. He doesn’t listen. It’s the fun part. Yes we sit down together to eat but not all the time because their father works different shifts. When he is available, usually at weekends, we do eat together but in the week the kids have their meals with me.

It does feel like home here already because my sister in law is near to me and we spend weekends together. I like it here because I have the time to go together with my kids to parks. Where I used to live back in Leyton, the park was very far from my house and so we used to go just twice a month – but now we go every weekend. Some days, when Abdullah has activities in the school, we pass through the park.

Most of my relatives come and visit me on special occasions, say Islamic occasions like Eid. It does feel like home when you are with family, maybe as a society we tend to be family oriented.

I get used to places quickly. I’ve travelled and moved a lot. I have family in Saudi Arabia, Syria and America. A few months ago I’ve been to Hajj and I visited my family. I didn’t have that much time to see them because I was doing rituals. Hopefully I will be able to go to America once again to see my Mum. I haven’t seen her for about seven years since I got married. She hasn’t even seen her grandkids. But hopefully this year I’ll get to see her and I’ll take my kids with me so she can see them. I do phone, I’m not a big fan of email but lately I started using Skype – it’s good. 


My son is starting to forget his mother tongues of Somali and Arabic and he is trying so hard to imitate his English teachers at school. The London accent is interesting!

Meimura – Fore St Library, Mothers & Toddlers Group