I like Cliff Richard. I’m his biggest fan!

I’ve been coming to the quilting group a long time – 10 years. It gives me something to do. I make a lot of cushions like this. I’ve got some at home. I knit, I do ragmaking, embroidery – everything like that. I give them as presents, for my friends.

I live with my brother. He likes what I make. He don’t make anything like that. He likes his Playstation. He’s got a lot of heavy metal CDs in his bedroom indoors. He’s younger than me. I cook for him. I enjoy cooking and I go to Healthy Eating class on Thursday and I’ve lost a lot of weight. My brother and I eat together at home but he can eat pies and I can’t – steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom but I can’t eat them. I do get on well with my brother but he winds me up sometimes. He doesn’t want me to get married. I’m engaged to Michael, I’ve been with him 39 years. I wouldn’t be without him. He says I’m a special princess to him. He’s saving up to get me an engagement ring after the holidays. I want to get married, I want to be happy. My brother protects me, he doesn’t want me to get hurt.

I like going on the internet, listening to music. I like Cliff Richard. I’m his biggest fan! He’s my number one pop singer. I’ve been his fan for 50 years. He’s got a house in Portugal and he’s got one in Barbados. I’ve never been abroad – I’d like to go to Barbados and Portugal both those places. But I like Blackpool, I’ve been there!

I’m seeing Michael tomorrow night at the club – I see him three nights on the trot during the week. He knows my fried Leslie too, they went to school together. They go out together on Sundays. Michael’s better looking than Leslie, he’s very special to me and I’m very special to him. He bought me a present back from Paris. He gave me a drinking glass and I put it in the dining room with all my other glasses. Yeah I’ve got all my Mum’s ornaments, all her porcelain and figurines. I dust them all, they get thick with dust. I’ve pictures of my Mum and Dad on the fireplace of when they got married. My Mum was only 22 and my dad was 31 when they married. They went to Bournemouth for their honeymoon. It’s nice there. I’ve been to Great Yarmouth, to Margate, to Ramsgate. I used to go to places a lot when my Mum was alive. I haven’t had a holiday for years. I need a holiday.

Sandra, Edmonton Green Library – Monday Quilting Group