Oh my God, if my sister was here she would be rich!

We’ve lived here two years. We like it but there are no parks for children. You need to go far, you need transport to get to the parks. I like old things in my house. I don’t have enough room for these things at the moment. We’re from Albania. We have loads of traditions of making things and they are so beautiful. I like to knit but since I had my babies no I don’t have the time. My Mum taught me to knit scarves, socks and jumpers because it can be cold in Albania. Sometimes there’s not enough money to buy clothes so we make our own. My daughter likes making things.

Rugs are the most traditional thing we make in Albania. With a loom, but all by hand. They are so beautiful. My sister does it. In modern times now people have put their looms away and they just buy things all ready made. It is a hard job to make the rugs. You have to create the yarn from the sheep, colour it, oh I don’t know, so much. My sister does it. When I saw the rugs like that in John Lewis they were £600 pounds. Oh my God, if my sister was here she would be rich! Maybe at home they are £100 pounds.

We usually make rugs, clothes like jumpers to keep you warm, pillows, blankets as well. I am waiting for somewhere to live. It is very difficult sometimes to settle you know, but we have to live with it. In summer time, in the holidays, we go to Albania but it is very expensive. We haven’t been for two years now.

We eat together every night. It is good when you all eat together, then you all wash the dishes and it’s all finished. You help each other. I don’t like crumbs in my house. When I was in my teenager years I made table cloths and cushions for the chairs all in different styles, all by hand. I still have these things. My sister has loads of things like that. But now, you make things and nobody buys them – they just go to buy them all ready made from shops.

Drita, Fore St Library