About Spinning A Yarn

The Spinning a Yarn homepage has been created to capture some of the conversations, reminiscences and stories of residents, visitors, traders and community groups as they talk about their homes, local life, family traditions and handcrafting.

Textile artist Carolyn Abbott and writer Penny Rutterford have joined some of the local groups meeting regularly in the area to provide participative workshops in creating home decorations. These crafts are inspired by the textiles and home furnishings that might have been found in Forty Hall, the home of Sir Nicholas Rainton the great textile merchant and haberdasher. The conversations, observations, words and stories which are weaved within these groups are shared on our homepage.

Share your own memories of family, home and Fore Street.
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Stories Spun so far…

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When I was about six or seven I was as fat as a matchstick
And Oh Man that kiss. When they kissed I felt hot.
In the olden days I used to watch Blue Peter
Edmonton man eaten by cannibals
Strange things have happened
And the knickers would be washed, mangled and dried overnight
Hey everyone, have you seen Jean’s nails?
He had his head blown off in the war
Here at the launderette, they come in and chat
Edmonton used to produce a lot of good footballers
People seem to stick to their own areas
We support other local businesses
Oh my God, if my sister was here she would be rich!
Bird Box Songs
He licks out the bowl…it’s the fun part
She would cut down one of her dance dresses and we’d have outfits.With bows as well, unfortunately
I like Cliff Richard. I’m his biggest fan!
The girls in the bridal shop were always so quick to give up, they’d just cut out the knots
It would be a blanket from all the generations


Carolyn Abbott, East London based designer-maker and co-ordinator of E17 Designer

Penny Rutterford, Writer and Arts Project Manager