Strange things have happened

We believe there is a ghost, there’s something here. A couple of clients who are mediums have sensed something here. Strange things have happened. One of the girls had her lunch on the side, she had a sandwich on a plate on the side, she turned her back for one minute and it had moved from one side of the kitchen to the other. And she never heard it move. Just little things like that. All of a sudden something will fall off a shelf when it’s not on the edge.

Because I do family history anyway I’ve looked into bits and pieces of the history of around here. One of the clients who was a medium did mention a little girl, she was sitting here waiting for her an appointment and she said she’d been having a conversation with a little girl. She said the girl was wearing what looked like Victorian clothes, and she had in her hand a photograph of her baby brother. She said, all she could see was these red velvet curtains and that they were alight and she felt something about a fire that was on this site. Whether it was the manor house that was here I don’t know. I believe this place here was all part of a big estate and many years after that I believe it was a boys’ school here within these grounds.

There are two ladies who come in on a Friday morning. One of them is about 90 and she’s always lived around here. She remembers the Alcazar. They know about the old things that were here. Apparently there were houses where the car park is, by the doctors surgery. On the night the Alcazar got bombed, one of the ladies told me, that actually she was in labour and she had to get under the table. All these little stories they tell you, well they help to piece things together. I’ve always been interested in history, and family history. I find it quite fascinating.

We’ve had this business 22 years in November. I grew up in Camden but we live in Palmers Green now. I’ve been in hairdressing since I left school. It’s not always been easy going with the business but we’re ticking over.

On the Parade along here most of us know each other and if you have any problems someone will always help you out. Most of us have been here for a few years.

Head Office, Michelle (Owner)