The girls in the bridal shop were always so quick to give up, they’d just cut out the knots

Do you know what, sometimes I wonder about my life…

I live just across the A406. It’s been about 6 or 7 months. We used to live in Barnet and then we went away, we went to Nigeria but we had to come back. I didn’t have anywhere to live but my cousin had a house, and that house is free. So I took it because it’s a three bedroom house and he didn’t have any tenants in it. Well it’s part furnished with tenants’ furnishings. It’s quite difficult for me to settle down this time because I’ve been away for two years and in that two years it’s gone from managing three boys to managing three boys and a baby. It hasn’t been very easy. They were at school in Nigeria. It was much easier for me because I had a lot more help. I lived here, basically, until about 2009 and then I had to go back home. My marriage broke down, I lost my job, I lost my business, I lost everything. I actually had a huge bridal shop. I really enjoyed it. But it didn’t end very well for me – it was a very emotional ending for me, I was pregnant, my marriage was falling apart. I actually had people working there so I had a full time corporate job too and then my life just fell apart in one weekend. Oh that reminds me. I should have made a phone call this morning. There’s a stall on the market in Edmonton I’ve been chasing for a few weeks. I was hoping to get one of those. The market is open every day. It’s something to do. My stall is likely to be ex catalogue stock, catalogue returns.

The kids like their schools, they’ve settled back really well and they get really good comments from the teachers. But, do you know, I don’t think I’ll be staying round here for very long. I’m probably going to be moving north nearer my son’s school. My house is quite close to the A406 as well, so it’s a bit noisy.

I don’t really make things for my home. When I lived with my husband I didn’t, now I live here I haven’t. I’ve never had a chance to do it. When I came back from Nigeria I had hardly anything, what did I have? Four suitcases, no three suitcases. That’s not a lot at all and I haven’t really been able to…

I have a lot of patience for sewing. But the girls in the bridal shop were always so quick to give up – they’d just cut out the knots. I actually learnt from my Mum how to sew, I didn’t have proper training. It requires a lot of patience, of which I’ve got tons, and I am actually better at it than her now. I started making wedding dresses for my friends when we got to that age.

Funke – Fore St Library, Mothers & Toddlers Group