We support other local businesses

It’s nice that we work in a row of three here – the dentist, the pharmacist and the opticians. We also offer local businesses discounts for their employees and we support other local businesses – buying from each other. We go to the local pound shop to buy our cleaning products or whatever. We go to local businesses rather than the multiples.

I’ve worked here for about a year now but we’ve had this business in the family for about four years. My older brother bought it out initially. We’ve got this branch, one in Southgate and one in Chingford. Its all family owned. It was my father who set up as an optician in the first place, he trained as an optician about 35 years ago. Members of the family work in all the branches and anyone who works for us has been trained under us as well. We always expect the highest of standards from all our staff. My brother is an optician, his wife is an optician. My Mum qualified as a pharmacist but, since she married and had me, really she has always been in the family business too. And the staff who work with us have been with us for a long time. I was probably the only one who wanted to branch out because I actually qualified as a mechanical engineer. But I came back into the business. There are a lot of patients who come in regularly. There are always regulars, patients who came to our Southgate branch since they were kids but now this is their closest branch so they come to us here. One of our patients has been with us since about 1983 – he was one of my father’s patients before. People come back because we’ve always given them a good service and it’s a homely environment and they can always feel quite comfortable.

For us it’s 100% about service and that’s why patients return to us and have come to us for many years. People come to a local family business when they realise what the difference is. We work hard to solve people’s problems. My brother for example, he likes working on contact lenses and likes to keep his knowledge to the highest level and he researches constantly on what are the new materials coming out and what’s new on the market. And he always goes on training courses. So we give something unique. We use the best manufacturers on the market too – so it’s quality products as well as service.

Infocus Optician, Ujjbal (Manager)